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Join us and TAKE ACTION to create a better world for future generations

At ESRAG ANZPI we are a small team of Rotarians who enthusiastically believe that individual actions can truly make a difference.

We also believe that ESRAG provides an unrivalled opportunity as changemakers to create substantial meaningful impact at a time that the world needs to heal.

So what can YOU do to take meaningful action?

Get Involved and help us build the ESRAG network of changemakers

Whatever your skills or passions we have roles where you can get involved.

You can help us grow the network and  create a platform that supports the efforts of Districts and Clubs in our region to grow and to implement meaningful projects and club activities that support Environmental Sustainability

Become one of the ES Champions in your District or Club

Rotary has over 535 Districts and 35,000 Clubs. Our aim is at ESRAG ANZPI  is to help establish Environmental Sustainability Committees within each of these in our region.

We’ll help support you and your Club to take action.

Perhaps you’ve already stepped up to the plate as an ES representative in your club to ‘futureproof’ your club.

Take Individual actions that reduce your Ecological Footprint

While yoiu can help create systemic change, there are also countless opportunities to be taking small personal actions that inspire your friends and family to do the same. 

We are working on some Action guides to make it easier to identify actions that might fit your lifestyle for reducing food waste to improved energy efficiencies.