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Here are some of the Featured Environmental Sustainability Projects across the ANZPI region, being run by Rotary Clubs.

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Project 100 Bee Happy      Esseendon,9800, Victoria, Australia


LINKS: Detailed Project Listing

Installation of 100 Bee Hive boxes in the Moonee Valley region over the next 3-4 years to improve pollination in the area and celebrate Rotary Australia and New Zealand centennial 100 years event.

 Meetings have been held with the Strathmore Men’s Shed, Moonee Valley Council, East Keilor Rotary club and Bendigo Bank to collaborate. Installation location of the Bee Hive boxes will be Moonee Valley building, other appropriate facilities and Rotarian homes.

Three local beekeepers will support all the installed Bee Hives as well as assist the Moonee Valley council with reported Bee Swarms concerns by residents. Arrangements will be made with the local beekeepers for share of the honey produced and surplus honey will be sold at local Moonee Valley markets as a fundraiser.


Improving Dental Care in Tonga      Ballarat West, Keilor, 9790, 9800, Victoria, Australia

KEYWORDS: Circular Economy, Recycled Medical

LINKS: Listing

The recycled and repurposed equipment and supplies available from Donations In Kind Stores in Australia and New Zealand can significantly improve dental care in Tonga.

Dental teams for Tonga Dental Health, provides the opportunity for anyone who cares about this issue, to coordinate their support and to work together to identify the areas of need and to create a National Wishlist that identifies all of the items required, that Donations In Kind may be able to supply.  Working as a team we will maximise the outcome and minimize the effort and others will have the opportunity to help Rotary Clubs achieve their objectives.


Rotary Recycled Rope, Nundah, 9600, Queensland, Australia

KEYWORDS: Circular Economy, Recycling. DIK

LINKS: Listing

Rotary Rope is the term used for discarded blue and yellow rope used by Telstra to pull cables through underground pipes. Unfortunately, they are only allowed to use the rope once, and then throw it away. So… more than 10 years ago… someone in Rotary thought it was time to find a way to re-use it… and so the Rotary Rope Project began.

We collect the very long rope from Telstra sub-contractors, cut the rope into differing long lengths, then bag the rope into bags. In a one day working bee we usually make around 75 bags of rope. It is then delivered to the DIK Store in Brisbane, where it is made available for overseas projects.


Corowa Clean Up The Highway, Corowa, 9790, New South Wales, Australia

KEYWORDS: Cleanups

LINKS: Listing

Corowa Clean-up the Highway was inspired by the Keep Australia Beautiful campaign. Rotarians Graeme Campbell and David Talbot, though it would be a good idea for the club to adopt a section of the highway with the aim of keeping it clear of litter and presenting a better look for the town.

It has proved to be a great success and has had the bonus of lifting our profile.

After much negotiating with the Corowa Shire and RTA we were finally given permission to look after a stretch of the Riverina Highway between the saleyards and tip. Every three months, Club members gather to remove rubbish and take it to the tip.


Light up Timor Leste through Enterprise, Doncaster, 9810, Victoria, Australia

KEYWORDS: CLEAN ENERGY, Rooftop Solar, Renewable Energy, Social Enterprise

LINKS: Listing

The Light up Timor through Enterprise project is empowering a local social enterprise in Timor Leste to pilot 260 Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) solar energy household installations in the remote, rural community of Baguia in the Baucau District. This project is being driven by the local community who has requested assistance in receiving affordable solar powered energy for their homes.

The solar lighting units provide better indoor lighting at night compared with existing kerosene lighting and improved communication through reliable phone charging. This leads to greater opportunities for education and income generation. Overall, the project addresses the issues of energy poverty through an enterprise approach./project/light-up-timor-through-enterprise/


Recycled School Furniture for Timor Leste, Keilor, 9800, Victoria, Australia

To ship container loads of recycled school furniture to Timor Leste to be distributed by the Timor Leste Education Department.


LINKS: Detailed Listing


East Gippsland Habitat Regeneration,  Lakes Entrance, 9800, Victoria, Australia


Links: Listing

On 1 January 2020 our five (5) Rotary Clubs in East Gippsland joined forces to create the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid (EGRFA) Committee, with representatives from the Rotary Clubs of Orbost, Mitchell River, Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale Sunrise and Lakes Entrance.

These arrangements have seen a tireless effort by Rotary to coordinate help for those in the community who have been affected by the bushfires. While the work of Rotary has covered an enormous range of needs, this paper addresses tasks associated with work to overcome the immense loss of vegetation resulting from the bushfires.

Donations In Kind – West Footscray

KEYWORDS: CIRCULAR ECONOMY, Recycled medical, Recycled Furniture

Links: Listing

Rotary Donations In Kind West Footscray recycling and repurposing store.  It gathers donations of surplus new and reusable commercial items an makes them available for Rotary Projects.  It provides management support for Club projects with a particular emphasis on helping them with their overseas projects.

In the last 19 years, DIK has shipped 578 containers of equipment and supplies containing  goods worth $58 million to 32 countries, with a strong emphasis on items that improve education, medical and maternal care. We also support disadvantaged area

Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds: Flemington-Kensington, 9800, Victoria,  Australia

We collect unwanted playgrounds from councils and schools and sends them to disadvantaged overseas communities. Starting with a single playground to a girls school in Sri Lanka, this project has now collected over 40 playgrounds from across Victoria and sent them to Timor Leste, the Philippines and Tanzania as well as Sri Lanka.  

Keywords: CIRCULAR ECONOMY, Recycled Playgrounds

Links:   Detailed Listing , Website

The Waggle Dance, Canterbury, 9800, Victoria, Australia

The Waggle Dance Project was created to provide a unique centrepiece to a planned Honey Festival and it has been used to promote World Bee Day. It relates to the waggle dance bees use to communicate the whereabouts of flowers and pollen to their hive. The honey festival is a future fundraising project of RC Canterbury, and the idea of the Waggle Dance is that its success and sense of fun will be attractive to sponsors and potential visitors to a festival with a sustainability theme.


LINKS: Detailed Listing, Website


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