Supporting Environmental Sustainability projects in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Region

our FUTURE RELIES on a healthy environment.

ANNOUNCEMENT: June 25th 2020: Rotary International announces “Supporting the Environment as our ‘7th Area of Focus’.

Rotary is well placed to help bring together people concerned about the wellbeing of our Environment to collaborate and solve the challenges faced. 

We thrive if Nature thrives ….and our natural land, water and air ecosystems need our support

Current and Recent Happenings

June 25th 2020: Outgoing Rotary International President announces that ‘Supporting the Environment’ is Rotary’s 7th Area of Focus.

Find out more about:

  • What this announcement means for Rotary globally and within our region
  • The background as to how this came to be
  • How Rotary clubs can get involved and how it can be leveraged to grow membership

What are the issues ?

We are currently working on the categories of impact themes we will be using to group the various projects and information on this site.

Our Draft Category list is:

  • Circular Economy
  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Transport
  • Climate Solutions
  • Food Systems
  • Land Ecosystems
  • Pollution Solutions
  • Sustainable Living
  • Water Ecosystems

Our Impact

You can find out more under the ABOUT tab in the menu.

Our team has only recently been formed and we are currently working in various sub teams to:

  • Organise the details about what is currently going on in the Environmental Sustainability Region across the ANZPI (Australia New Zealand and Pacific Islands region)
  • Showcase existing Projects
  • Develop resources and guidelines as to how Rotary Districts and Clubs across the region can get involved
  • Identify opportunities that Rotary can play a role in helping bring together the Stakeholders to collaborate and implement meaningful and effective solutions