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Here are some ideas  that your Rotary Club could take on as Environmental Sustainability Projects and Activities.

As People of Action implementing simple ideas is an excellent way for your club to take meaningful action. 

School Gardens


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Form a collaborative relationship with a local school and help establish a garden patch that teachers can engage with theoir students and inspire Environmental Sustainability activities.

By providing environmental awareness it may lead to inspiring children to taking environmental action as well as expose them to Rotary and its serve above self values.

Gardens could follow different themes such as the following project examples:  Pollination Gardens, Edible Gardens ,  Sensory Gardens or beautification projects.

School gardens can also be excellent International Projects

Rotary Clubs could offer to supply seeds and potting mix for the students to grow and take seedlings home as a Mother’s Day gift.  It’s a very affordable Club project that could attract sponsorship.

Adopt A Highway

KEYWORDS: IDEAS, Pollution Solutions, Biodiversity, Pollination, Cleanups

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Form a collaborative relationship with a local council and ‘Adopt a Stretch of Highway’

There may be branding opportunities as per the Corowa NSW example.

By getting a team fron your club out regularly to pick up litter you’ll be doing your bit to keep litter under control. You may even be able to plant pollination friendly plants to help create a pollinatort pathway. Or plant other indigenous plants that help sequester carbon and build healthy soils.

Wheen Bee Powerful Pollinators Guides


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The Wheen Bee Foundation are seeking Rotary Clubs or Districts to fund the development of planting guides for both Regional and Metropolitan Bioregions around Australia

IDEA: Follow the lead of District 9800 and fund the development of guides for Metropolitan Melbourne and the NSW central slopes, Murray-Riverina and N E Victoria

 Contact Us At ANZPI for more information

IDEA:  Take the existing Planting Guides and organize a Tree Planting Project for your club to help create Pollinator Pathways in Victoria.

Colour Your World, District 9800, Victoria, Australia

In response to the pandemic and the current restrictions in Melbourne, the District 9800 Environmental Sustainability Committee was challenged to come up with an activity that would make a positive contribution to the environment, engage members and maintain their safety while in lock down. The concept of ‘Colour your World’ aims to encourage members collectively to contribute to biodiversity and support pollinators, by growing flowering plants in their garden.

KEYWORDS: BIODIVERSITY, LAND ECOSYSTEMS, Tree Planting, Pollination, AUSTRALIA, Victoria, 9800, Canterbury

LINKS: Detailed Listing, Website