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Partner with ESRAG to maximise your Social Impact

At ESRAG ANZPI one of our key strategies is to establish Collaborative Partnerships with Local Governments, NGO’s and Business to maximise positive social and enviromental outcomes.

Membership at ESRAG is open to people outside of Rotary. So perhaps you or one of your team may want to get involved and find out whether there may be synergies with your own strategies.

So what can YOUR ORGANIZATION do to partner with us?

Support your staff to Volunteer with us.

Corporate Volunteerism is an excellent way to engage yuoiur staff. As one of the most trusted brands in the Non Profit sector, Rotary would be a great way to help your staff feel even more engaged by experiencing the benefits of volunteerism. We have many meaningful opportunities for a wide range of people, so reach out to find out more

Collaborate to help solve Environmental Challenges

At ESRAG ANZPI we are very open to supporting projects and teams with establishing Collaborative Relationships that create win-wins through alignment.

As we work to build out our network of environmental changemakers across the region we seek partnerships that can fast track project implementations and growth.