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At ESRAG ANZPI we are here to help support Clubs like yours establish Environmental Sustainability programs and projects that can be used to attract new changemakers to your club.

At ESRAG ANZPI, our priority is Enviromental Sustainability but we understand that for Rotary to deliver on its potential in this area, we also need Membership Sustainability!

With the recent announcement, Rotary Leadsership has identified ‘Supporting The Environment’ as a critical aspect of its plans to build a stroinger Rotary of the future. The COVID pandemic has forced us to adopt Zoom and other Video conferencing tools that make it easier to collaborate beyond our Club and share ideas and projects

So what can YOUR CLUB  do to take meaningful action?

Establish an ES Committee for your Club and District


We will work to support those Environmental Sustainability Representatives so that it’s easy to adopt funa nd meaningful projects and activities that make a difference to the world around us.

CLICK for our guidelines:


Become an ‘EnviroClub’ via District programs


We are working with Districts in the ANZPI region to establish ‘EnviroClub Awards’. In this program clubs can take actions that enable them to qualify as ‘EnviroClubs’ and promote this on their website.

Find out more about the ‘pilot programs’ being implemented in:


Implement Projects, Ideas and Activities


Whether it’s encouraging your club members to participate in programs like the ‘Colour Your World’ initiative to plant pollinator friendly plants this Spring or participate in Plastic Pickup sessions, we will be working to make it easy for your Club to take action that’s both fun and makes a difference to Enviromental Sustainability.