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WHY do we need Ambassadors?

With Environment as a new Area of Focus (or cause) for Rotary, many Rotarians and their clubs will be keen to learn about this new area of focus, about key environmental issues, what they can do in their own lives and in their clubs to take action, how to best take action and how involvement in environmental activities may benefit them and their club.

Ambassadors will be the first port of call for these Rotarians (and Rotaractors) and their clubs. Ambassadors may be called upon to give presentations and workshops at clubs and at District events, and to help a club and/or district set up an environment committee.

In short, they will become indispensable catalysts to support action for the environment throughout Rotary.


WHAT is the Ambassadors training course all about?

The purpose of the Ambassadors’ training course is to enable and empower participants to encourage and inspire environmental leadership and action within the Rotary family.

This virtual training course is delivered by experienced presenters and facilitators.

The training course will include 5 workshops of Primary Training (7 Core Modules ) with additional Further Training (Elective Modules) and On-going Learning provided.

The course will use best-practice principles of adult learning.

Participants may self-nominate or be nominated by their District to attend the training course.

Participants will be mentored during and after the training course.

Participants who complete all required tasks will receive an Ambassadors Certificate.

Participants will be invited to join a Community of Practice (CoP*).


WHO can be an Ambassador?

Any Rotarian or Rotaractor with a passion for the environment, a willingness to learn and to commit to completing the training requirements and undertaking leadership initiatives (e.g. conducting workshops or events, giving presentations) can apply to become an Ambassador.


HOW does a Rotarian or Rotaractor apply to become an Ambassador?

Interested Rotarians or Rotaractors should either complete the online application form or download the application form and return it as described in the form.

The deadline for applications is 24 August 2021.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of participants in the course.


WHEN does the training commence?

The first training course will commence on Saturday, 28 August. The Primary Training will be comprise five workshops, with the final workshop being held on Saturday, 23 October. Additional workshops will be held for the Further Training modules, as advised.

Details will be provided to successful applicants. It is anticipated that a second training course will be held early in 2022.