ESRAG ANZPI is the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Chapter of ESRAG – the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

We work together to support the Rotary Districts and Clubs within our region to take action to ensure Environmental Sustainability

Vision, Mission, Values


ESRAG ANZPI is the lead group for advancing environmental sustainability in Rotary in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island region.


To be the leading and trusted partner/collaborator/agent that catalyses the implementation of Environmental Sustainability (ES) initiatives through Rotary across Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. We do this through innovation and collaboration with Rotary Clubs and with other stakeholders including Government, non-government and corporate entities.


We aim to have:
– an ESRAG member in every club
– an Environmental Sustainability committee in every club
– an Environmental Sustainability committee in every District
– a network of District Environmental Sustainability Coordinators in the region”


Kindness, Serve above self and the 4 way test

Who, Why, How and what


We are members of Rotary, the Rotary Family and associates who work together as Environmental Solutionists in a way that is non political and non religious


For humans to thrive, we need a thriving planet. However, various man-made environmental crises are unfolding that are ‘wicked problems’ that urgently need solutions -Climate, Species Extinction, Pollution to name a few.


As a trusted Intermediary, Rotary and ESRAG is uniquely placed through its global network to impact these ‘wicked problems’. We do this by catalyzing Collaboration and Innovation within Rotary and amongst external stakeholders to create and scale solutions and empower actions to significantly impact these wicked problems


We create ecosystems of co-operation that empower changemakers around the world to take action to implement Environmental Sustainability solutions on scale. We also facilitate collaborations on significant systemic programs with other Environmental stakeholders and empower changemakers

Our Approach – The 8 Ps


We articulate our key strengths and purpose so that people and organizations join with us to collaborate and solve environmental problems in our region.


We develop strategic plans to create self organizing ‘ecosystems of change’ that take action and effectively implement environmental solutions


We develop simple plans processes, procedures, governance structures that enable scalable deployment of solutions.


We recruit people from around the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Region by providing empowerment, a sense of purpose and processes that enable them to contribute to global Environmental Sustainability in a meaningful way.


We are working to build a regional network of hundreds of skilled professionals who volunteer both their time and skills. We believe we have unprecedented opportunities to create the most cost-effective impact


Rather than compete against other organizations working on Environmental Sustainability we work with them to create ‘Ecosystems of Change’ where collaboration and innovation amplifies impact. We also facilitate partnerships between developed countries and developing (eg Microfinance of Solar Rooftops in developing nations. Benefits- clean cookstoves and increased education)


Through effective communication and celebration of achievements we provide the motivation so that people of passion and purpose remain engaged to maximise their potential to crreate impact


Our key to success is our projects. We facilitate the implementation, scale-up and scale-out of meaningful projects into local communities around the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands region.